Dream Big

I’ve always considered myself a simple scrapper. I’ve never been much of an embellisher and always strived for the proper balance of “things” vs white space. Don’t get me wrong,  I love to watch process videos of ladies who can create paper layers behind their photos and embellishment clusters, but I haven’t been able to do so myself. And I’m okay with that. But then there’s this:

This layout was easy and complicated all in the same breath. When I received this picture of my BFF I knew I wanted to use red as the primary color. And I’ve had this awesome paper pad from MME for a while. Once I came across this paper with “Dream Big” on it, I wanted to use it but I wasn’t so sure about the pink background. I decided to push forward anyway. And I knew from the start that I wanted to use a cut file behind the photo. Alright roses it is. But after that things got complicated. I looked through my red embellishments and came up with the sequins and… that was it. I seem to have a shortage of red embellishments.
Is there any such thing as too simple? When I look at this, i think yes. But I have tried adding things and nothing feels right. I do plan to add journaling strips to the lower right hand side (I usually journal after I’ve taken photos for public sharing), but other than that I can’t make anything work. What do you think? Are you a simple scrapper or do you embellish like crazy?

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