Confession: I gave up scrapbooking last year. The plan was never for ‘forever” but just for a while. So I could focus on something else. I thought I had to choose between what I should have been doing and what I wanted to do. I thought there wasn’t enough time to do it all. But 2017 came and went and when it was over I realized that I didn’t focus on that other thing at all. I still found a way to avoid it, I still let life distract me, I still procrastinated in a way that only a Libra can and rationalized like you wouldn’t believe. And yes, I wondered whether I really should have been doing that other thing at all or was I just kidding myself. And the answer is: I don’t know. But I am okay with that because that means I don’t have to pretend that scrapbooking is not important. Because if that other thing is important I will find the time to make it happen. So this year, they’re both in the plan. And this week, I spent some time at my craft table…

FLV - close up 2

SB - close up

It’s good to be back.